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The First Cutler Family Reunion (with new generation taking over planning)

Well, the older generation got tired of it and now Scott and his sisters are going to take it up! No more 50+ crowds of strangers but just Scott, his siblings, all our of children, and their parents (grandma and grandpa) and their siblings come on over (if we're in Utah). It was rather fun, and next year it'll be my and Scott's turn to host it... though I don't know if it'll be nearly as good as Jenni's planning was.

One of our most exciting days was a big day trip to Salt Lake City. We got on the front runner for just $14 for Scott, George and I (Emilie free) and the passes were good for a full day and all forms of public transportation! The funnest part of the whole trip was the train ride in my opinion, and it was worth every penny... though no one checked to make sure we paid...

So, all who attended were; Val and Sloan, Scott and myself with the kids (George and Emilie), Jenni and Derek with Eden and Jaron (sorry if that's not how you spell his name!),…

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