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Sick Day

Good Sunday and Sabbath to you all. It seems like the room painting is taking quite a bit more time than we thought, but I do have a before picture for George's room which we started... The whole room was cream and we're painting the top half light blue, and the bottom vertical stripes of dark blue and white. It'll be beautiful. I helped a bit, but mom is the one doing most of the work and planning. She likes to keep busy and is a hard worker. This is mom's project while it's cold out. ~We also have a a hammock on the way for George's room, but I might have ordered it from a scam website since I ordered it Thursday afternoon with free 2-day shipping and it never shipped... We'll see. The hammock will look awesome in his room if it gets here :) I plan on calling them tomorrow.

We had another snowing and got snowed in for the first time this snow season! It's been awesome seeing the snow, besides with the whole family being sick. Yes, we're all horri…

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